PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame Construction Manual

PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame Construction Manual

I’ve never built a Perfect Grade (PG) Gundam kit before, if I did have the chance to build one I guess the 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame would be my ideal choice to be my first PG kit. I’ve always loved the design of the Gundam Astray’s of Gundam Seed Destiny so that’s probably the reason why. I already built a 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame and am wanting to build already the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame that I already have in my model pile after writing this post up.

This Perfect Grade kit was initially released on March 2009. I read that its been 5 years since prior to the Red Frame that Bandai last released last a PG kit. I have to wonder why the long time though for Bandai to make a PG kit. Could it be because Bandai decided to release a non-grade 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam and 1/60 Freedom Gundam? Both titular mobile suits of the Gundam Seed anime that could have filled the hunger for Gunpla modellers out there who were starving for a BigScale kit that there was no point anymore to make a PG kit?

The 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame is selling for
$144.62 at Amazon, 18000 yen at Hobby Link Japan, 12600 yen at HWJapan.

Color Guide for the PG Gundam Astray Red Frame can be found here. Construction Manual was translated to English from the Japanese Manual posted at Dalong. To make construction easier, the meaning of the symbols found in the construction manual can be found here.

Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame English Translation Construction Manual


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