How to Use the Color Conversion Tables

Color conversion tables in this site are grouped per particular brand (Mr. Color, Tamiya Acrylic, Vallejo Model Color etc...) The paint in the tables are then listed alphabetically by it's paint code (C1,C2,C3, etc...) For a list of available paint color conversion tables refer to this post.

The Color conversion table's layout are divided into two main parts. The subject color is on the left most column (denoted by its thick black border) and it is sorted by its color code in ascending order. On its right side are the different colors from the different brands that are similar to this color. Aside from the color name, also included are its color code (inside parenthesis) and brand. Refer further to the image below for more information.

Try to use the search function of your browser (Ctrl-F is the usual keyboard shortcut for this) to look for particular colors in the table to make it easier for you. With that, Good Luck and Happy Building!

Visual Image on how to use the color conversion tables