Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1/12 Battle Droid & Stap English Construction Manual & Color Guide

1/12 Battle Droid and Strap English Construction Manual & Color Guide

Broken Links Fixed

Broken Links Fixed

One of the casualties of this site's transfer was that there were a lot of broken links internally due to the change of the blog structure. I had started fixing only the important links in the site to make it functional. Then I took that year off from running this site to focus on personal matters and now that I'm back on the horse one of the things I wanted to get working were the broken links.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

FFmpeg Access is Denied Error

Was compressing videos of our family outings, then I started getting this error in FFmpeg. I was only able to fix the problem now, after a few months of anguishing over it.

I found out that the problem is with my anti-virus software, it's preventing the software from running. I disabled it temporarily to compress the files and now am trying to figure out how to white list this software. The program is clean because I downloaded it directly from the FFmpeg site and even scanned it with the AV software. Weird really, well at least I know my AV program is working.