Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Paint Conversion & Paint Color Equivalents

Here's a useful table for comparing paints from different manufacturers. Most of the data here were provided by the manufacturers themselves but there were some obvious mistakes in some of them that I had to correct. Took me a while to compile these and I have to admit that my eyes are just about ready to fallout. In order to make your task easier when looking for the specific paints, use the "Find" function of your browser, or hit Ctrl-F.

This isn't a complete list as some manufacturers were left out. There are also other sites out there that provide this kind of data, use Google to search them out. Some of them however aren't up to date because some manufacturers (as I found out) updated their paint stocks as well as their equivalent colors. Made me realize that the scale model paint industry is such a dynamic place and not static like what I presumed it to be.

Kindly read the disclaimer before using this data.


Data in this table was collated from data provided by most manufacturers as well as from visual comparison. I make no guarantees as to the veracity and accuracy of this data. Use at you own risk and peril.