Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MG MS-09 Dom English Color Guide

MG MS-09 Dom English Color Guide

MS-09 Dom from the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Anime series. This particular mobile suit was used by the Black Tristars and the kit comes with a 1/20 figure of Ortega from the said team.

From the MS-09 Dom the MS-09R Rick Dom decended. With the latter being a space variant. In lieu of the space rockets of the Rick Dom the original Dom had jet engines and was configured to function well in an earth atmosphere. Outwardly it differs from the Dom only slightly (backpack, feet, etc)

What I can't understand about the painting of this model kit is that the box art and the base color of the arms and legs are at a violet tinge, while in the color guide and the finished assembled sample its of a blue color.

The MG MS-09 Dom is selling for $$$$ at Amazon, 4000 yen at HobbyLink Japan, 3200 yen at Hobby Search
Color Guide DescriptionPaint Ratios
arms, legs etcPurple (H39)(60%) + White (H1)(30%) + Medium Blue/Intermediate Blue (H56)(10%)
shoulder, waist skirt, feet soles etcMidnight Blue (H55)(90%) + Black (H2)(10%)
chest, backpack etcNeutral Gray (H53)(90%) + Red (H3)(5%) + Navy Blue (H54)(5%)
weapons etcMedium Blue/Intermediate Blue (H56)(60%) + Neutral Gray (H53)(30%) + Red (H3)(10%)
joints, etcNeutral Gray (H53)(60%) + Midnight Blue (H55)(30%) + Red (H3)(10%)
mono eye cover, skirt underside etcMonza Red/Red Madder (H86)(60%) + Shine Red (H23)(40%)

Paints Used & Paint Conversion Equivalents:

Aqueous Hobby ColorMr. ColorTamiyaVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirAMMO by Mig JimenezAK Real ColorHatakaRevell EnamelHumbrol EnamelModel Master EnamelXtracolorLife ColorItaleri
Purple (H39)Purple (C67)Purple (X16)Purple (70.959)--PURPLE (A.MIG-0127)------Purple (Gloss) (68)--------
White (H1)White (C1)White (X2)Gloss White (70.842)--SATIN WHITE (A.MIG-0047)----white (solid gloss) (32104)White (Gloss) (22)------Gloss White (4696AP)
Medium Blue/Intermediate Blue (H56)Intermediate Blue/Medium Blue (C72)Medium Blue (XF18)Intermediate Blue (70.903)Intermediate Blue (71.299)FRENCH BLUE (A.MIG-0062)Intermediate Blue (RC235)Intermediate Blue (HTK-_027)Greyish Blue (solid matt) (32179)Intermediate Blue (Matte) (144)Intermediate Blue FS35164 (1720)--Non Specular Intermediate Blue FS 35164 (UA045)--
Midnight Blue (H55)Midnight Blue (C71)Royal Blue (X3)--USN Sea Blue (71.295)--Sea Blue (RC257)Semi-Gloss Sea Blue (HTK-_006)----Flat Sea Blue FS35042 (1718)--Non Specular Sea Blue FS35042 (UA044)--
Black (H2)Black (C2)Black (X1)Glossy Black (70.861)--SATIN BLACK (A.MIG-0032)----black (solid matt) (32107)Black (Gloss) (21)------Gloss Black (4695AP)
Neutral Gray (H53)Neutral Gray (C13)Neutral Gray (XF53)Neutral Grey (70.992)Aggressor Gray (71.274)NEUTRAL GRAY (A.MIG-0239)Aggressor Grey (RC248)Aggressor Grey (HTK-_157)--US Compass Grey (Satin) (128)Aggressor Gray FS36251 (1794)FS16251 Medium Grey (X132)Light Grey FS36251 (UA034)--
Red (H3)Red (C3)Red (X7)Carmine Red (70.908)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)--Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)--------
Navy Blue (H54)Navy Blue (C14)Navy Blue (AS8)Dark Sea Blue (70.898)Steel Blue (71.087)SEA BLUE (A.MIG-0227)Graublau – Grey Blue (RC208)Grey-Blue (HTK-_171)--Navy Blue (Matte) (77)--RAL5008 Graublau (X264)--Flat Non Specular Sea Blue (4604AP)
Monza Red/Red Madder (H86)Monza Red/Red Madder (C68)------------------------
Shine Red (H23)Shine Red (C79)Red (X7)Scarlet (70.817)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)Signal Red (RC005)Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)--------

Color Guide for the MG MS-09 Dom was translated to English from the Japanese Color Guide posted at Hobby Search. Comprehensive review of this model kit can be found at Dalong's Gunpla Review site.