Monday, March 8, 2010

AMX-004 Qubeley English Color Guide

AMX-004 Qubeley Color Guide

Haman Karn's AMX-004 Qubeley made first famous in Zeta Gundam. This was the first mobile suit I saw that used a funnel system as its offensive armament. For the Qubeley it was a 10 funnel system that was stored at the tail of the mobile suit and could be controlled by the new type pilot. This mobile suit used a psycommu system to interact with the pilot and in combat was considered deadly because maximised the superior reflexes of a newtype.

AMX-004 Qubeley Color GuideAMX-004 Qubeley Color GuideAMX-004 Qubeley Color Guide

The AMX-004 Qubeley is selling for 4000 yen at Hobby Search, 2931 yen at Amiami.

Color Guide was translated from the manual posted at Hobby Search. More model kit color guides can be found here.