Thursday, July 1, 2010

MG Master Gundam English Color Guide

Bandai Master Grade MG GF13-001NHII Master Gundam English Color Guide

Master Gundam of Toho Fuhai from Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime. The Master Gundam is the main antagonist's mobile suit in the said anime series.

I haven't watched G Gundam yet so as usual, I can't really say much about this mobile suit. I found out in wikipedia however that G Gundam was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa who was also responsible for Getter Robo Armageddon *sarcastic snicker*. Could be one reason why the Master Gundam bears a striking resemblance to Getter 1.

The reason I was being sarcastic at the mention of Getter Robo Armageddon was because I grew up watching Getter Robo G and didn't like what the new crew did with the story of Getter Robo Armageddon. Professor Saotome of the Getter franchise was one of the characters I grew up on and always perceived him to be hero, so having him turned into bad guy wasn't fun to watch. Not to mention that the plot for the said anime was just insane and I felt that they totally butchered a beloved franchise.

MG GF13-001NHII Master Gundam is selling for 2054 yen at Amiami, 2800 yen at HobbyLink Japan, 2240 yen at Hobby Search, 1959 yen at HWJapan, $$$$ at Amazon 3rd party sellers.
Color Guide DescriptionPaint Ratios
MG Master Gundam main body etcNavy Blue (H54)(40%) + Black (H2)(60%) or use gundam color blue 20
MG Master Gundam arms, feet, etcBlue (H5)(40%) + Black (H2)(30%) + Red (H3)(20%) + White (H1)(10%) or use gundam color blue 21
MG Master Gundam wing shield, etcMonza Red/Red Madder (H86)(100%) + Black (H2)(small dose) or use gundam color red 1
MG Master Gundam joints, etcNeutral Gray (H53)(60%) + Midnight Blue (H55)(40%) + Purple (H39)(small dose)
MG Master Gundam intake, etcYellow (H4)(50%) + Orange Yellow (H24)(40%) + White (H1)(10%)
MG Master Gundam face (mask part)White (H1)(100%) + Navy Blue (H54)(small dose)
MG Master Gundam eyes, sensorYellow Green/Roman Green/Le Mans Green (H16)(90%) + Blue (H5)(10%)

Paints Used & Paint Conversion Equivalents:

Aqueous Hobby ColorMr. ColorTamiyaVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirAMMO by Mig JimenezAK Real ColorHatakaRevell EnamelHumbrol EnamelModel Master EnamelXtracolorLife ColorItaleri
Navy Blue (H54)Navy Blue (C14)Navy Blue (AS8)Dark Sea Blue (70.898)Steel Blue (71.087)SEA BLUE (A.MIG-0227)Graublau – Grey Blue (RC208)Grey-Blue (HTK-_171)--Navy Blue (Matte) (77)--RAL5008 Graublau (X264)--Flat Non Specular Sea Blue (4604AP)
Black (H2)Black (C2)Black (X1)Glossy Black (70.861)--SATIN BLACK (A.MIG-0032)----black (solid matt) (32107)Black (Gloss) (21)------Gloss Black (4695AP)
Blue (H5)Blue (C5)Royal Blue (X3)Dark Prussian Blue (70.899)Blue (71.004)----Ultramarine Blue (HTK-_272)--Midnight Blue (Gloss) (15)--------
Red (H3)Red (C3)Red (X7)Carmine Red (70.908)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)--Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)--------
White (H1)White (C1)White (X2)Gloss White (70.842)--SATIN WHITE (A.MIG-0047)----white (solid gloss) (32104)White (Gloss) (22)------Gloss White (4696AP)
Monza Red/Red Madder (H86)Monza Red/Red Madder (C68)------------------------
Neutral Gray (H53)Neutral Gray (C13)Neutral Gray (XF53)Neutral Grey (70.992)Aggressor Gray (71.274)NEUTRAL GRAY (A.MIG-0239)Aggressor Grey (RC248)Aggressor Grey (HTK-_157)--US Compass Grey (Satin) (128)Aggressor Gray FS36251 (1794)FS16251 Medium Grey (X132)Light Grey FS36251 (UA034)--
Midnight Blue (H55)Midnight Blue (C71)Royal Blue (X3)--USN Sea Blue (71.295)--Sea Blue (RC257)Semi-Gloss Sea Blue (HTK-_006)----Flat Sea Blue FS35042 (1718)--Non Specular Sea Blue FS35042 (UA044)--
Purple (H39)Purple (C67)Purple (X16)Purple (70.959)--PURPLE (A.MIG-0127)------Purple (Gloss) (68)--------
Yellow (H4)Yellow (C4)Flat Yellow (XF3)Flat Yellow (70.953)Medium Yellow (71.002)YELLOW (A.MIG-0048)----yellow (solid matt) (32112)Yellow (Gloss) (69)------Gloss Yellow (4642AP)
Orange Yellow (H24)Orange Yellow (C58)--Light Orange (70.911)Orange Rust (71.130)LIGHT RUST (A.MIG-0039)--Signal Orange (HTK-_133)------------
Yellow Green/Roman Green/Le Mans Green (H16)Yellow Green/Roman Green (C64)Light Green (X15)Lime Green (70.827)--GREEN BASE (A.MIG-0916)------Lime (Gloss) (38)--------

Color Guide was translated to English from the Japanese color guide posted at Hobby Search. Detailed review of this model kit can be found at Dalong's Gunpla review site.