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HG Zudah English Manual & Color Guide

Bandai 1/144 HGUC EMS-10 Zudah English Color Guide and Manual

The EMS-10 Zudah from the MS IGLOO OVA of the Gundam Franchise. Saying that this mobile suit is a great mobile suit would be lying. In fact that was the premise of that episode of the MS IGLOO OVA where this mobile suit was featured.

In the episode, Zeon was touting in the media the Zudah to be the successor of the popular Zaku. It was implied that this mobile suit would be responsible for winning the war for them. Of course this was all propaganda as the the Earth Federation came out with their own media spiel exposing the fact that the Zaku and Zudah were evaluated the same time by Zeon. The Zudah lost because of its unreliability so the Zaku became the frontline mobile suit of Zeon.

I read before that there is a difference between spinning a story and publishing propaganda about it. In spinning a story, you talk more about the positive aspects of the subject rather than the negative and that it what you want to be highlighted in the minds of your audience. Propaganda however is manufacturing the story to the point of telling a lie.

I guess in this context, you could say that the Zudah being a good mobile suit is outright propaganda on the part of Zeon. But that episode on the Zudah at the MS IGLOO OVA is a definitely must watch, it would probably make you even want to buy this High Grade model kit after learning about the story of this rather tragic mobile suit.

The 1/144 High Grade EMS-10 Zudah is selling for 1025 yen at Amiami, 1400 yen at HobbyLink Japan, 979 yen at HWJapan.
Color Guide DescriptionPaint Ratios
HG Judah main bodyWhite (H1)(60%) + Bright Blue/Indy Blue (H15)(35%) + Red (H3)(5%) + Black (H2)(small dose)
HG Judah jointsBlack (H2)(60%) + Navy Blue (H54)(40%) or use gundam color phantom gray
HG Judah chest, weapons etcMidnight Blue (H55)(100%)
HG Judah shoulder piston, etcSilver (H8)(100%)
HG Judah weapon scope etcPink (H19)(100%)
HG Judah abdomen etcBlue (H5)(50%) + White (H1)(35%) + Red (H3)(10%) + Black (H2)(5%)
HG Judah chest part line etcWhite (H1)(100%) + Navy Blue (H54)(small dose) or use gundam color white 5
HG Judah vernier base part etcCopper (H10)(100%)
HG Judah heat hawkGreen (H6)(80%) + White (H1)(15%) + Brown (H7)(5%) or use gundam color green 15

Paints Used & Paint Conversion Equivalents:

Aqueous Hobby ColorMr. ColorTamiyaVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirAMMO by Mig JimenezAK Real ColorHatakaRevell EnamelHumbrol EnamelModel Master EnamelXtracolorLife ColorItaleri
White (H1)White (C1)White (X2)Gloss White (70.842)--SATIN WHITE (A.MIG-0047)----white (solid gloss) (32104)White (Gloss) (22)------Gloss White (4696AP)
Bright Blue/Indy Blue (H15)Bright Blue/Indy Blue (C65)Blue (X4)Dark Blue (70.930)--MEDIUM BLUE (A.MIG-0103)------French Blue (Gloss) (14)--------
Red (H3)Red (C3)Red (X7)Carmine Red (70.908)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)--Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)--------
Black (H2)Black (C2)Black (X1)Glossy Black (70.861)--SATIN BLACK (A.MIG-0032)----black (solid matt) (32107)Black (Gloss) (21)------Gloss Black (4695AP)
Navy Blue (H54)Navy Blue (C14)Navy Blue (AS8)Dark Sea Blue (70.898)Steel Blue (71.087)SEA BLUE (A.MIG-0227)Graublau – Grey Blue (RC208)Grey-Blue (HTK-_171)--Navy Blue (Matte) (77)--RAL5008 Graublau (X264)--Flat Non Specular Sea Blue (4604AP)
Midnight Blue (H55)Midnight Blue (C71)Royal Blue (X3)--USN Sea Blue (71.295)--Sea Blue (RC257)Semi-Gloss Sea Blue (HTK-_006)----Flat Sea Blue FS35042 (1718)--Non Specular Sea Blue FS35042 (UA044)--
Silver (H8)Silver (C8)Flat Aluminium (XF16)Silver (Metallic) (70.997)Silver RLM01 (Metallic) (71.063)MATT ALUMINUM (A.MIG-0194)Aluminium (Metallic) (RC020)--sliver (solid metallic) (32190)Silver (metallic) (11)Aluminum (F) (1781)--Matt Natural Metal FS37178 (LC24)Metal. Gloss Silver (4678AP)
Pink (H19)Pink (C63)Pink (X17)Old Rose (70.944)----------Pink (Gloss) (200)--------
Blue (H5)Blue (C5)Royal Blue (X3)Dark Prussian Blue (70.899)Blue (71.004)----Ultramarine Blue (HTK-_272)--Midnight Blue (Gloss) (15)--------
Copper (H10)Copper (C10)Copper (XF6)Copper (Metallic) (70.999)Copper (Metallic) (71.068)COPPER (A.MIG-0199)----copper (solid metallic) (32193)Copper (metallic) (12)--------
Green (H6)Green (C6)Green (X5)Black Green (70.980)--------sea green (solid matt) (32162)Brunswick Green (Gloss) (3)--------
Brown (H7)Brown (C7)Brown (X9)Chocolate Brown (70.872)Burnt Umber (71.040)OLD RUST (A.MIG-0042)----Dark Brown (32181)Service Brown (Gloss) (10)------Flat Leather (4674AP)

Construction Manual and Color Guide was translated to English from the Japanese manual posted at Dalong's Gunpla review site. Comprehensive review of this model kit can also be found at Dalong's.

Bandai 1/144 HGUC EMS-10 Zudah English Color Guide and Manual Bandai 1/144 HGUC EMS-10 Zudah English Color Guide and Manual Bandai 1/144 HGUC EMS-10 Zudah English Color Guide and Manual