Friday, June 25, 2010

HG Gabthley English Color Guide

HGUC RX-110 Gabthley Color Guide

RX-110 Gabthley from the Zeta Gundam Anime Series. This unit was flown by Zeta Gundam antagonist Jerid Messa for the Titans. This mobile suit is unique from most mobile suits because it is capable of transforming to Mobile Armor mode.

In Mobile Armor mode it can take advantage of the speed and maneuverability that this form offers in order to gain that upper hand in combat. In my opinion, with the compact frame of the Mobile Armor once transformed, it will make it more difficult to hit by any opponent as compared to it being in mobile suit mode.

The HGUC RX-110 Gabthley is selling for 1173 yen at Amiami, 1600 yen at HobbyLink Japan, 1280 yen at Hobby Search。
Color Guide DescriptionPaint Ratios
HG Gabthley head, arms, legs etcDark Earth (H72)(80%) + Yellow (H4)(10%) + White (H1)(10%)
HG Gabthley movable frame etcNeutral Gray (H53)(80%) + Black (H2)(10%) + Red (H3)(10%)
HG Gabthley mono eye, sensor etcPink (H19)(100%)
HG Gabthley chest, waist, etcDark Green (H36)(80%) + Cobalt Blue (H35)(10%) + Bright Green/Daytona Green (H26)(10%)
HG Gabthley power pipe etcBright Green/Daytona Green (H26)(100%)
HG Gabthley abdomen etcYellow (H4)(50%) + Orange Yellow (H24)(30%) + White (H1)(20%)
HG Gabthley vernier inner part etcMonza Red/Red Madder (H86)(100%)

Paints Used & Paint Conversion Equivalents:

Aqueous Hobby ColorMr. ColorTamiyaVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirAMMO by Mig JimenezAK Real ColorHatakaRevell EnamelHumbrol EnamelModel Master EnamelXtracolorLife ColorItaleri
Dark Earth (H72)Dark Earth (C22)Flat Earth (XF52)English Uniform (70.921)Dark Earth (71.029)MEDIUM BROWN (A.MIG-0070)RAF Dark Earth (RC287)Dark Earth (HTK-_009)Earth Brown (solid matt) (32187)Dark Earth (Matte) (29)Dark Earth ANA617 (F) (2054)RAF Dark Earth BS450 (X002)RAF Dark Earth FS 30118 (UA547)Flat Field Drab (4708AP)
Yellow (H4)Yellow (C4)Flat Yellow (XF3)Flat Yellow (70.953)Medium Yellow (71.002)YELLOW (A.MIG-0048)----yellow (solid matt) (32112)Yellow (Gloss) (69)------Gloss Yellow (4642AP)
White (H1)White (C1)White (X2)Gloss White (70.842)--SATIN WHITE (A.MIG-0047)----white (solid gloss) (32104)White (Gloss) (22)------Gloss White (4696AP)
Neutral Gray (H53)Neutral Gray (C13)Neutral Gray (XF53)Neutral Grey (70.992)Aggressor Gray (71.274)NEUTRAL GRAY (A.MIG-0239)Aggressor Grey (RC248)Aggressor Grey (HTK-_157)--US Compass Grey (Satin) (128)Aggressor Gray FS36251 (1794)FS16251 Medium Grey (X132)Light Grey FS36251 (UA034)--
Black (H2)Black (C2)Black (X1)Glossy Black (70.861)--SATIN BLACK (A.MIG-0032)----black (solid matt) (32107)Black (Gloss) (21)------Gloss Black (4695AP)
Red (H3)Red (C3)Red (X7)Carmine Red (70.908)Red RLM23 (71.003)RED (A.MIG-0049)--Traffic Red (HTK-_103)fiery red (solid matt) (32131)Bright Red (Gloss) (19)--------
Pink (H19)Pink (C63)Pink (X17)Old Rose (70.944)----------Pink (Gloss) (200)--------
Dark Green (H36)IJN Green (Nakajima) (C15)J.N. Green (XF11)Deep Green (70.970)Olive Green (71.007)DEEP GREEN (A.MIG-0052)--Fir Green (HTK-_289)--Bronze Green (Matte) (75)--------
Cobalt Blue (H35)Cobalt Blue (C80)------------------------
Bright Green/Daytona Green (H26)Bright Green/Daytona Green (C66)------SIGNAL GREEN (A.MIG-0054)----emerald green (solid matt) (32161)Emerald (Gloss) (2)--------
Orange Yellow (H24)Orange Yellow (C58)--Light Orange (70.911)Orange Rust (71.130)LIGHT RUST (A.MIG-0039)--Signal Orange (HTK-_133)------------
Monza Red/Red Madder (H86)Monza Red/Red Madder (C68)------------------------

Color Guide for the HGUC RX-110 Gabthley was translated to English from the Japanese Color Guide posted at Hobby Search. A good review of the HGUC RX-110 Gabthley can be found at Dalong's model kit review site.