Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking for an Economic and Efficiant way of Painting Model Kits

Looking for an Economical Method of Painting of Model Kits

Lets face it, this hobby of ours ain't exactly cheap. Aside from the cost of the model kit, one of the major things that burns a hole in the pocket of a model kit builder is the paint. And with gas prices going up, we can expect not only the model kit to go up but also the paints. That's because plastic and paints have some derivative of crude oil as their raw materials. So any way a modeller can try to scrimp on the use of paint can help further his hobby.

The reason behind this post is because of something I noticed while I was building the 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame. For the blue parts I decided to use the Gundam Spray Blue 1 that I had used for the 1/72 VF-25G Messiah that I had left over. The funny thing was that despite being a measly 100 ml can the Gundam Spray Blue was able to cover entirely the VF-25G, which is predominantly blue, and had enough left over to paint some parts of the Gundam Astray Blue Frame.

Before that can was spent I decided to buy another 100 ml can of Gundam Spray Blue. Now as I am about to finish the assembly of the body my can has run out of paint. With still the Tactical Arms Back Pack yet to be assembled and painted. This left me really perplexed because why was I out of paint already? I could only speculate that it might be because of my method of painting the Gundam Astray versus the VF-25G Messiah. It couldn't have been the can because it was sealed, heavy and brand new.

Looking for an Economical Method of Painting of Model Kits

With the VF-25G and Rick Dias, since I didn't have any painting clips yet, the parts were strewn out over the spray booth then painted in one swoop of the spray (refer to picture above). Unlike the Gundam Astray, where the parts were on painting clips and individually painted over. There might be a tendency to over spray the part when you are holding it in your hands. Well that's just a theory anyway on my part.