Monday, January 18, 2010

Mr. Color Solvent Based Paint Color Chart

Update:If you are looking for a paint color conversion chart, you can find it here.

Update: Updated this post to incorporate the color guide in only one large file. This file corrolates the Japanese names from the color guide at the Japanese site to the mr. color color guide found at dragonmodel's usa that was pointed out by SachielOne. The color guide will now include the english name as well as the translated Japanese name, both will be separated by a "/".

Update: It was pointed out to me recently by reader SachielOne that the English names of the GSI Creos paint are different than its Katakana name printed at the bottle. Am working now to change the said color chart. In the meantime, just to correct a bit, the most common colors found in the Gundam Model kits are Indy Blue and Daytona Green. Their English Equivalent are Bright Blue (C65) and Bright Green (C66)

Translated the color chart for the Mr. Color solvent based line of model paints from here. Click on the image below to enlarge. There might be errors that I do not know of as well as some katakana that couldn't be translated correctly, these are enclosed in double quotes ("). So kindly use this chart at your own discretion.

On the side of English translation of the color image is the product code no(preceded with a "C") that you can use as reference when ordering the color at the hobby shop.

Before painting a model kit I'd really recommend cleaning the parts first with detergent water then spraying some primer/surfacer on the part. I learned that the hard way when I encountered some paint stripping issue with the MG Rick Dias that I was building. Primers, because of their formulation, help the paint stick to the part. There are model kit specific primers/surfacers available but since its not available in my region I just use industrial spray can based primers for my model kit painting activities

If you are looking for translated bandai model kit color guides, you can find them here.