Friday, February 17, 2012

Addicted to Kingdom Rush

Addicted to Kingdom Rush

Addicted to IronHide's online Flash Game, Kingdom Rush. You can play it online for free here, where its hosted at Armor Games. Its currently selling for $0.99 at the Apple Appstore for the Ipad. If you are playing online, the games are saved as long as you enable the browser settings to allow cookies.

Addicted to Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defense type game set in medieval times. In the campaign you can choose 4 types of tower types, chiefly: Archer towers, Mages Guilds, Barracks and Artillery in your defense against the assaulting band of trolls, orc, henchmen, undead along with a bevy of Boss Characters.

These tower types are upgradeable within the game as you gain money on each enemy that you kill. Unlike the other tower types, the Barracks is a ground type unit, whose characters can be manuevered to a certain extent away from its tower. Tower unit capabilities are also upgradeable after each level depending on the number of credits you received after completing a level.

In order to beat each level you will have to take into account the geography, the type of enemy and the unique capability of each tower type against a particular enemy unit.

To me, Kingdom Rush is one of those perfect package type games. It has great game play, graphics and an immersive soundtrack that sets the mood for the time period.