Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Aya Endo

Happy Birthday Aya Endo/Sheryl Nome

Today is Aya Endo's 32nd Birthday. If you are Macross Frontier Fan then you will probably know her as the very talented voice actress behind Sheryl Nome (speaking part only, May'n does the singing). She posted her Thank You's to the fans at her blog.

Also, if this wikipedia page entry is correct, then Macross Co-Creator, Shoji Kawamori's birthday is also just around the corner.

I remembered that Aya Endo's Birthday and Shoji Kawamori's birthday was on the same month because I heard Megumi Nakajima (the voice actress of Ranka Lee) egging the crowd to greet both of them during one of those Macross Frontier concert events.