Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/60 Macross Gunpod Size Comparison

1/60 Macross GunpodSize  Comparison

Looking at the 1/60 scale VF's in my display case, I couldn't help but notice how large the Gunpod of the 1/60 VF-11B is for its size. Which just begged the question, who has the bigger gun? Well this isn't a complete comparison because I don't have any of the 1/60 Macross Zero VF's by Yamato Toys nor most of the DX Macross Frontier line of Bandai, but I guess this is close enough.

Next to the Gunpods is a 6 inch ruler for comparison. Included in this image the Gunpod's of the YF-19, VF-1A, YF-21, VF-11B and VF-25F