Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag Build Part I

1/100 Over Flag

Previously I've decided upon the 1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag as my next build. So to kick things off is the all important cleaning of the plates by means of warm water, some dishwashing detergent and an old tooth brush. I do this to remove left over mold release agent that could still be on the plates so that it won't affect the paint from sticking on the parts.

I had my media player running while doing this in the adjacent sink. The song "Real Thing" came on and it sure felt great reconnecting with this great song. It was a collaboration by Cypress Hill and Pearl Jam for the Judgement Night movie soundtrack.

Couldn't find the rectangular container that I usually use for cleaning the plates. I liked that container because its easy to submerge the plates in it because of the shape. I had to make do with this. Did the job well but I still prefer my old container.
1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag

Here's the stack of plates with soap on them. I let that soak for a while so that the detergent can attack the mold release agent.
1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag

Then I have a medium sized container where I dip the plates in to wash off the detergent with the help of running water.
1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag

After a few hours of air drying the plates are back in the box all dry. I check also if there are water particles stuck in the recesses of the parts, especially in the female pegs. To remove this I just blow air through them to dislodge the water.
1/100 SVMS-010 Over Flag

That's all for this post, will continue again tomorrow with this build. Part II of this build can be found here.