Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brave Gokin 34 Chojin Sentai Baratack by CM's Corporation

Brave Gokin 34 Chojin Sentai Baratack

Saw this at Amiami today and it sure brought back memories. Its a CM's Corporation toy of the Baratack robot. One of the first giant robot series that I enjoyed as a kid. Thinking about it now, because of my age at that time, I had no idea as to what the anime was about. But what I really liked was the theme song. This toy is a die cast toy that stands 140mm tall.

I remember growing up and playing with my friends and we would mimik being giant robots ourselves. Because at that time there were no available toys on giant robots. It came to the point where we started inventing robots ourselves. For me the robot I invented I called the "Boxer" robot. I had no idea why I called it that but I thought that it was such a cool name.

Brave Gokin 34 Chojin Sentai Baratack

I don't remember anymore the "weapons & abilities" that I designated the robot to have but I do remember drawing inspiration from the Baratack robot. Wherein it could disassemble itself in order to get new parts from a mother ship that would suit the task that had to be done.

Brave Gokin 34 Chojin Sentai Baratack

This is selling for 18,690 yen at Amiami. There is also a limited edition metallic version coming out next month and up for pre-order at Amiami for 18200 yen. Makes me wonder why its cheaper?