Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arihiro Hase in Macross 7

Arihiro Hase, who voiced main character Hikaru Ichijo, in Super Dimensional Fortress - Macross. Lent his voice to the Macross 7 sequel. In Macross 7 he played the voice of Actor Bobby Lacoste. Bobby was introduced as the actor who replaced Basara Nekki in playing Hikaru Ichijo in the Lynn Minmei Movie. This was because Basara didn't feel like doing the movie.

Bobby Lacoste, homage to Arihiro Hase in Macross 7

He tries to bring Mylene (who was playing Lynn Minmei) to a seedy part of town after inviting her out to eat cake. There they are attacked by protodevlin vampires who steal his Spiritia which leaves him in a comatose state. Basara arrives in time to rescue Mylene from the vampires.

He reappears once again fully recovered in Episode 32 auditioning to be part of the Jamming Birds that the military was putting up as a counterpart group to Fire Bomber. As the screen pans to the crowd going wild over his interview, one of the swooning girls has a very striking resemblance to Lynn Minmei.

Bobby Lacoste, homage to Arihiro Hase in Macross 7

Lynn Minmei, Hikaru Ichijo and Misa Hayase formed the main love triangle during the original Macross SDF1 series.

Sadly though, Arihiro Hase ended his life in 1996 by jumping off his apartment building.