Thursday, April 23, 2009

Macross Frontier DVD #9 (Japan Version)

My Japanese is a bit off but thanks to Google Toolbar's Translate function, I can understand it more easily and improve my Japanese while I'm at it.
According to the official Macross Frontier Blog, the 9th DVD of Macross Frontier will be released on April 24th in Japan. The DVD will have a special message from Shoji Kawamori (series creator). A long with that, some of the cast members have provided audio commentary for the last episode of the series. The last episode is #25 and its titled "Anata no Oto" or "The sound of you" in English.

Here's a picture of the cast with Shoji Kawamori during the recording of the audio commentary for episode 25.

Cast of Macross Frontier during the Audio Commentary for Episode 25
Cool!, Too bad its not in english. Off tangent a bit, but I wish they'd hurry up with the Macross Frontier movie though, that would be much better news to hear... hehehe