Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macross Figures and Toys on Sale

Macross Figures and Toys on SaleUpdate (11/12/2009): You can also check out Amiami's website, they offer Macross toys usually at higher discounted prices than most shops.

Update (10/18/2009): You can also check Over Drive Inc, which has some 1/60 Yamato VF-1's that has been on sale for the longest time already.

One site I like to visit a lot is Hobby Link Japan. Run by an American living in Japan. They specialize in selling Japanese Toys and Figures via the internet. Perfect for the hardcore Otaku and the just "wetting their feet" in the hobby. And the great thing about it is that the site is in English.

I personally like to visit to check what Macross toys they have on sale. Items on sale can have as much as 50% knocked off from their price. Very good considering that the cost of shipping will sometimes cost as much as the item you are buying.

That's the great thing about this day and age, wherein the internet free's us from the limitations of one's geography. I used to remember before that I was on the whim of the local department store for toys. Not to mention that it was the local tv station that told me always what toys were popular and should be played with, based on the cartoons they were showing.

Lucky for you if you had a relative abroad who liked you enough to send you toys. Of course depending on how much they liked you, you could either receive the best or the cheapest toy on the shelf. Now, what's good and popular in one country can easily be obtained by you as long as you have the means.

Check out their Macross Items on Sale here.

As for people teasing you on why you're still buying toys at your age? Well you could tell them, good for you then that you had a good childhood. Some friends I had said that during the darkest days when they were young they had their toys to look forward to to shield them, albeit for a little while, from the hardships and cruelty around them. Usually brought about by bad family relationships.

In effect these toys became their escape and security blanket that dulled them from the pain of real life. So you could say that these toys aren't just toys, to other people's eyes they are a source of comfort and joy.