Monday, July 6, 2015

GSI Creos Aqueous Hobby Color (Unofficial) Color Chart

Aqueous Hobby Color is the water based paint of GSI Creos, Mr. Color is the solvent based equivalent. The Mr.Color Color chart can be found here.

If you are looking for similar looking colors, the Aqueous Hobby Color Paint Conversion Table can be found here.

Like I've mentioned before, sometimes the Japanese version of the paint name is different from its English name. A popular example I like to use is the Bright Blue paint in the English version but its Katakana name is Indy Blue. Why that is I don't know. With this color chart you can see both the English and Katakana names. When purchasing paints I recommend using both the name and the paint code so that you can really be sure that you get the correct paint.

Right now, judging from the color translations I've been making of the newer kit's by Bandai, there seems to be a concerted effort to ween everybody from the Mr. Color line to Aqueous Hobby Color. That's because in the newer model kits there are Aqueous Hobby Color paints that has no Mr. Color equivalent. Which is good in sense because Aqueous Hobby Color is said to be less toxic than Mr. Color. But even with that I'd still recommend that you buy a particle respirator mask when painting because you never know.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that the color Grey comes up a lot in the newer model kits, but in the Mr. Color Chart there is no Grey listed. According to this chart the equivalent of Grey in Mr. Color is C13 Neutral Grey. I usually just tell people, when they ask, to mix 50% black and 50% white to get Grey.

So with that Good Luck and Have Fun.