Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wonfes 2011 Summer VF-17 Nightmare poster


Saw this posted by Mr. K at Yamato Toys blog. Not really much mentioned on this post except about the great Summer Wonfes 2011 and the Macross 7 DVD. The picture at the end however I don't know what to make of, its a poster that was supposed to be used at Wonfes by them.

It shows half body shots of the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie with the sound booster attached and the much anticipated VF-17 Nightmare from Macross 7 that Yamato Toys announced. The kanji could be translated as "certainly a beautiful transformation" or "on the verge of a beautiful transformation" or "naturally, a beautiful transformation"

I realized now, one reason they have the Macross 7 box set is because they are researching on the VF-17 Nightmare. Probably for adding details of bonus parts to the toy, like figures and stuff.

Theoretically, assuming that the major physical design of the VF-17 is the same as the VF-171EX. If one has the cash and the time, one can easily make a conversion kit to make it a VF-171EX Nightmare from Macross Frontier.

vf-171 EX from Macross Frontier

Of course, Bandai could save us all the trouble by building a DX toy already of the VF-171 EX...hehehe

vf-171 EX from Macross Frontier

vf-171 EX from Macross Frontier