Saturday, November 27, 2010

1/100 GN-007 Gundam Arios Part VI

1/100 GN-007 Gundam Arios

This build is turning out to be a diary of my failures. Well, not really my failures, but of the materials I'm using for this build. I settled in for a weekday of painting after spending the evening yesterday sanding down the parts of the 1/100 GN-007 Gundam Arios to get rid of the paint burrs. For a history of this build and the problems faced, kindly check out the previous post of this build, here.

1/100 GN-007 Gundam Arios

I usually haven't experienced any problems when using Bosny paints so this is the first time that I did. The result of the overspray a few weeks back, turns out to be a problem of the Bonsy Orange Yellow that I was using. The paint doesn't stick well to the part which therefore resulted in the overspray. I thought at first that it was the closeness of the color between the Pylox Caterpillar Yellow that was causing me to overspray but after finding this out I can absolve myself of the blame.

Then again, it could be a property of light colored paints in general. I read somewhere before that you really have to lay on a layer of primer if you are planning to paint on light colored paints. Oh well, charge to experience.

As of now, after painting the parts, the prognosis doesn't look good for the kit. Adding to my woes was rain suddenly dropping down on my spray painting binge. And it wasn't the dark cloudy type of rain, it was the type where its sunny all around then rain starts falling in the midst of the sunlight. Blehhh....

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