Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Upload Complete

It's finally done! As of this day all the posts of this site have finally been updated to its new location. Why did it take too long? Because Blogger has a 50 post a day limit. Considering that the site has about a thousand posts to its name, it really took quite a while. Then there were quite a few bugs that I couldn't understand why there were cases of double postings. Weird really. Plus I didn't really have the bandwidth to try and solve that trivial issue.

Even with all the posts updated however, can't really say that the site isn't buggy, there are still a lot of links that are broken and need to be manually fixed. I guess the important thing is that all the translated manuals and color guides have been updated and the master list fix.

Hopefully I can go back to translating model kit color guides again in a couple of weeks. Start of the year and my plate is really full with a lot of errands that have to be done so everything else has to be shoved into the back burner.