Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bad Words Review

I think I just found my sleeper hit for 2014. The Jason Bateman directed and starred in movie, Bad Words. I couldn't stop laughing while watching this movie. Kudos should also go to Andrew Dodge for having written such a great story.

The movie revolves around Guy Trilby, a 40 year old high school drop out who decides to compete in the Golden Quill spelling bee contest which has a substantial purse going to the winner. He is able to take advantage of a loop hole in the rules that allows him to take part in the contest. To the consternation of course of the organizers and the parents who try to do everything to kick him out.

Great acting all around from the veteran cast as expected, but child actor Rohan Chand, who plays fellow spelling bee contestant who befriended Guy Thrilby, surprised me with his superb acting skills despite his relative inexperience because of his age. This movie was also Jason Bateman's directorial debut and judging from how he put it together, he has a great future ahead of him in the director's chair whenever the day comes that he decides to retire from acting.

The movie didn't seem to do well in the box office, but I'm guessing its more because of a lack of playing venues as well as promotion. But in my book it really was a good movie and I genuinely had fun watching it.