Saturday, July 12, 2014

Guillermo del Toro had an AMA at Reddit

Guillermo del Toro has an AMA at Reddit

Missed it by a few hours, but Guillermo del Toro popped by at Reddit and did an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Well, not that I'd ever ask anything as my brain always seems to freeze in the presence of greatness...hehehe

Some things I learned in this AMA that makes me relate to him is that he is a huge fan of manga and anime and that he builds model kits.

Then there was the answer as to why there is no Hellboy 3 movie in the horizon (what???, Nooooooooooooo!!!). Because no studio would pick it up as the first two movies earned just a little in the theaters but made a profit in the ensuing home video sales. Despite that, the major movie studios wouldn't want to gamble on the possibility of earning more in DVD sales as that ain't always a sure thing. Well I do believe in miracles and I hope having a Hellboy 3 movie come out would be one of them. He did however give us a glimpse as to what the story of the 3rd Hellboy movie would have been.

From all his responses, this was my most favorite, as it was very profound and deep. It was an answer to a question as to why he seems intrigued by the concept of monsters.

Aside from answering questions from fans, the prolific director was in reddit to promote his new FX television series titled "The Strain". If you have time to watch it this weekend I'd suggest you do, and if you end up liking it be sure to like their page in Facebook.