Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dust in my Particle Respirator Mask

Dust in my Particle Respirator Mask

Was thinking of doing some model kit building in the next couple of days since the weather is holding up nicely. So to prepare for that I was planning to get my stuff in order so that everything will be in place when that glorious day ever happens *snicker* When I got my particle respirator mask from the desk I had placed it on it was good thing that there was a lamp near it because I saw the extent of dust that had accumulated inside it.

The picture above is actually of a semi cleaned mask. Aside from the thick dust that was there before, there was also a dead spider inside that mask that probably had crawled in there to die. Who knows what other creatures had lived in there?

This is a lesson for me to keep my mask secure at all times and to keep it a clean plastic bag where the dirt, dust and crawling creatures can't get in. Because there really is no point in keeping the paint fumes out when you have that much dirt on the breathing side of the apparatus. And the other import lesson learned from this experience is to always check the inside of the mask before putting it on, otherwise its going to be a coughing disaster from hell just waiting to happen.