Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Largest Bootleg Transformers Toy

Bootleg Transformers

I have to say that these are the largest bootleg Transformers toy that I've ever seen to date. Saw this at a stall in the mall and the toy seems to stand at about 2 feet in height. These are pictures of a bootleg Optimus Prime and Ironhide that were selling for about $72 each. There was also a Bumblebee there but I didn't want to call attention to myself by taking too many pictures *snicker*.

Bootleg Transformers

At first glance it looks like a Leader Class toy was scanned then the scale was boosted up. I've read before that with today's technologies its very much possible to do that. And its one of the allure that bootleggers do to make their copy more enticing by changing the scale. The toy also differs by having some other accessories not included in the original toy, like extra weapons (seriously? Ironhide with a dagger?...hehehe). And like with most bootleg toys the plastic looks to be of poor quality.

As for me, I'd recommend getting the real thing. Getting the real thing is a vote for the manufacturer and it supports them in their endeavour to keep us entertained.