Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bootleg Leader Class Optimus Prime

Bootleg Leader Class Optimus Prime

Along with the largest bootleg Transformers toys that I saw while walking in a mall was a Bootleg Leader Class Optimus Prime. Since my son has a Leader Class Optimus Prime it was easy for me to tell from what toy it was copied from. I couldn't understand however why the toy came with spare fenders (right side of the packaging). The thing was selling for about $8 plus.

Like most bootlegs, at first glance the quality of the toy is a bit shoddy. The plastic also looks brittle, which is a staple on bootleg toys. I can't comment however on the quality of its transformation. Unlike the original Leader Class Optimus Prime, this one's windshield is not clear plastic. The visor on top of the windshield is also not moveable as compared against the original one. That's why its always best to get the original toy. Photo of a genuine Leader Class Optimus Prime (Battle Damaged version) can be seen below for comparison.

Leader Class Optimus Prime from Revenge of the Fallen

I couldn't take a lot more pictures because I didn't want to call any unwanted attention to myself. I wish that the shooting sound in my cellphone camera could be disabled *snicker* I'm not sure if I heard correctly, that the reason that the shooting sound can't be disabled in some cellphone cameras is so that people can easily tell that pictures are being taken. Not sure if cellphone companies are being decent or just being precautious of future privacy laws that they might overstep.