Saturday, December 24, 2011

Watch Gundam Seed Episode 1 HD Remaster Online

Just saw this post at the official Gundam site. Announced yesterday, of the much touted Gundam Seed HD Remaster version, episode 1 can be watched online via their page at youtube. The said episode has English subtitles on it and is not an English dub.

Gundam Seed is of the Cosmic Era timeline and originally came out in 2002~2003. Like the original Gundam anime it is a coming of age movie for the young protagonist. In this series it is Kira Yamato. Because it is a coming of age movie, expect to hear a lot of whining from the protagonist as he comes to grip with the killer/hero persona that he has to become. *snicker*

The main plot of Gundam Seed is the war between the earth bound humans against the space bound humans who live in colonies.