Sunday, December 25, 2011

Crusader: No Regret Christmas Easter Egg

Crusader: No Regret Christmas Easter Egg

Was playing with Crusader: No Regret this morning and I noticed upon changing to the next level the game music changed from the normal soundtrack to one with a Holiday Theme. Found it weird playing through the violent nature of the levels with Christmas Carols blaring in the background... hehehe

I bought the game a couple of days back at GOG during their announced sale. Crusade:No Regret is a vintage game that came out in 1996. It is a sequel to the 1995 Crusade: No Remorse that was released by Origin.

In No Regret it follows immediately after the events of No Remorse. In the game you are Silencer, a lethal government killing machine, who was betrayed and are now working for the rebels.

I played this game before when I was still in University and at that time I was really blown away by the graphics and the gameplay. I guess you could say that its mediocre already by today's standards. But like the theme of this blog, its nice to get in touch with the stuff of the past in order to stir once again that initial feeling of joy when you played the game for the first time. Nostalgia is truly a potent drug. Don Draper would be the best person to explain that.