Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Aftermath

Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Aftermath

As soon as I woke up I started scanning the news for information regarding the 8.9 quake and corresponding tsunami that hit Japan yesterday.

I fired off some emails too to friends over there checking whether they were ok, sending my condolences and praying for their safety. According to the news there are about 300 confirmed dead already with the death toll expected to reach more than a thousand. The 8.9 earthquake was said to be the worst quake to hit Japan in over a hundred years. The bright spot in the reports was that if it weren't for the strict building codes followed by Japan, the destruction would have been higher.

I found pictures of the effects of the earthquake on the Atlantic web site and it really got me depressed. I was suppossed to post something hobby related today but decided not to because the situation in Japan is just too tragic and I felt that it would be insensitive of me to post something like that right now.