Saturday, December 25, 2010

Starcraft2 Demo Part II

Starcraft2 Demo Part II

After about 8 hours of downloading yesterday, the 1.6 Gb of Starcraft2 demo files was finally saved on my computer.

Didn't play with it right away as I went to sleep by that time. Woke up around 12AM today to celebrate Christmas and to join my family in watching my son open his presents. Gift opening will always be for the kids, while us adults were looking forward to watching him open it. Then of course there was the food that I was looking forward too *snicker*

After I did my obligation of going to Church I sat down to a hearty breakfast of leftovers from this early morning's celebration (went back to sleep after celebrating the birth of Christ and watching my son open gifts). Only then did I remember that I had a Starcraft2 demo game to try out.

After installing, I was thankful to find out that the game can run on my PC. There was a caveat however from the installer that it will run on minimum specs. Fine enough by me, I was happy that I could get by on a measly 128Mb of video memory.

After I finished the first 3 missions that could be played with the demo, I immediately tried the skirmish mode against the computer AI. I have to say that I suck at skirmish mode. Of the 2 times I played it I always got finished off by the computer... blehhhh. Need more practice with this game then hopefully I can beat the computer.

Definitely after playing the demo I thought about buying the complete game. Starcraft2 really lives up to its expectation of being the best RTS game around.