Friday, September 3, 2010

MG Rick Dias Rebuild


I mentioned previously that I would be working on the Rick Dias again instead of starting on a new build. So yesterday I started working on the Rick Dias again. Thankfully nothing major happened that would require me to devote much time to this re-touching endeavour.

The Rick Dias was the first Master Grade of the Gundam Series that I ever built. Because of which it was a learning process for me. The major leason learned was to always use a primer and to sand the surface of the model kit prior to painting so as to prevent the paint from easily being stripped off.

On this re-touching exercise I first sprayed on a coat of Bosny Clear Flat then proceeded to panel line it with mechanical pencil. The rough texture the flat coat gives allows the pencil to easily grip the surface. Afterwards I coated it again with Bosny Clear flat to seal the pencil marks in.

Aside from panel lining, the longest time spent on this model was in the very first step: the cleaning of the Rick Dias. Because it spent a long time on the shelf there were small pockets of stubborn dust. I used a soft paint brush to gently remove the dust pockets.

One problem I experienced was in one of the knee pads. After spraying the flat coat on it started to show signs of peeling. I realized that this was coated with Future Floor Wax, which is an acrylic. The lacquer flat coat ate into the Future. It was easily fixed though, just coated it again with the original color, which was Pylox Fire Red then after it had tried, coated it again with the Bosny Flat Clear.

The Coat of Bosny Flat Clear changes the color of the paint it is painted on (refer to image below). I noticed that the shade of Pylox Fire Red, when coated with the Bosny Flat Clear starts to resemble the shade of red of the MG Rick Dom of Char Aznable. I see "idea light bulbs" popping off with this. The Rick Dom of Char is one of my "nice-to-have" model kits, if ever I build this it solves the problem of how to get the shade of red for the main body.

Completed pictures of this could be found here.

MG Rick Dias Rebuild