Friday, August 20, 2010

The Princess Bride Revisited

The Princess Bride Revisited

Was thumbing through Time Magazine's Top 10 Movie Duels and saw this gem of a scene that I have to agree with. Its a scene from the Princess Bride Movie where the Man in Black has to duel Inigo Montoya before he can run after the kidnapped Princess Buttercup.

Inigo Montoya works for Vizzini, who had kidnapped Princess Buttercup. Vizzini ordered Inigo Montoya to kill the Man in Black, who was climbing up the cliff after them. The video clip below starts right after Inigo Montoya offers to lower a rope down to the Man in Black in order to help him climb up faster. The Man in Black initially balked at the offer because he suspected that Inigo Montoya would just slice off the rope leaving the Man in Black to fall to his death. Inigo Montoya however swore on his father that the Man in Black would reach the top of the cliff alive. To which of course the Man in Black accepted the offer of the rope.

Yes, the lame names of the characters was part of what made the movie funny.

The rest of the movies listed in the article however I couldn't agree with. Probably because some of those movies I couldn't relate to. Not that I hold it against the writer, its just my perspective and personal preference. Then again, if it had been a top 100 list, I probably would have been more agreable... but yeah, that's just me talking *snicker*

I watched the Princess Bride movie when I was in grade school, it brings back good memories of that time. What made the movie great for me, aside from the story, was the funny dialogue and the great cast of actors who brought the characters to life.

Its a great movie, I'd recommend you to watch it with your family if you still haven't watched it.