Monday, August 23, 2010

Model Kit Procrastination

Model Kit Procrastination

Writers have writer's block, model kit makers have what? Opened up the box of the non-grade 1/100 Gundam Cherudim that I was building, looked at the parts still needed to be assembled/painted, made me sigh a long one... then I promptly closed up the box without proceeding further. No gusto to build this. I wouldn't want to switch to another kit either because the anal-rententive side in me would compel me to finish what I've started.

Model Kit Procrastination

Right now the dried unassembled parts are skewered on a spit, chilling at my display cabinet just crying for attention to be joined together or painted another layer.

Watching Macross Frontier all over again didn't help either as I suddenly had this sudden urge to build a 1/72 VF-25F Armored Messiah Valkyrie. To me, the Macross anime franchise will always be Home. The one true thing that gets me interested in mecha anime.

Reasons upon reason upon reasons to not do anything about "the build". If it isn't the heat, feeling sleepy or someting else, I find another reason to not raise a finger and build this kit... even to the point of saying that maybe the parts need another day for the paint to dry... or I have to post an article for this blog with the limited time I have in the day...excuses!

Maybe the only bright spot of this week was that I took to panel lining the head parts with Gundam Markers so I could say that I had at least accomplished something on this build... but not enough to dedicate a post for it.