Saturday, August 28, 2010

HobbyLinkTV, HLJ & Tomopop Gunpla Competition Winners

HobbyLinkTV & Tomopop Gunpla Competition Winners

HobbyLink TV posted on their website their winners for the Gunpla competition they held together with Tomopop and HobbyLink TV's sister website, HobbyLink Japan.

Best of the Best award went to Anthony's Zaku water diorama (picture below). No doubt in my mind that this was a truly deserving kit to win. The beauty and realism in the diorama reflects the amount of painstaking work put in by the modeler. I always have reverence for model kit builders who are into military diorama's of the land battle kind. Because you just have to be in awe with the difficulty of their craft. Imagine transforming bare, grey plastic into a dreary battle landscape?, artisans really in my book.

HobbyLinkTV & Tomopop Gunpla Competition Winners

This contest was announced last June by HobbyLink TV. It was basically split into 2 types, photography and video. Major winners went home with an MG V-Dash while the top prize was the humongous MG PMX-003 The O that was released this month.