Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nihongo Drills

Update: This feature is no longer available on this site, try out Memrise App IOS or Android.

This was basically what I have been working on these past few days. Sort of a script to drill those Kanji-Hiragana words so that I can easily memorize them as I prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Exam.

It works by pulling out a kanji character from the database randomly then the user has to choose the correct hiragana spelling of it given 5 options to choose from.

There are about a hundred Japanese words in the database right now with their corresponding Kanji-Hiragana characters and English meaning. As I brush up on my Japanese the database will grow.

There's a placeholder for a vocabulary drill that I have yet to program. Theoretically it works by giving the kanji, then the user choosing the correct English meaning.