Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gundam Puzzle


Saw this in the mall a few days ago, a bootleg Puzzle of a mecha that surprisingly looks a lot like a Gundam. Initially I thought that it was Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny, turns out that the knee and head antenna design are different.


This puzzle was selling for about $1.60 and had about 500 pieces in it. So is it piracy if it doesn't really match a copyrighted object exactly?

I used to build puzzles as a kid together with my family and I have to say that 500 hundred pieces takes a long long long time to build. After we had one built we would have it framed and hang it on the wall. I know that it might seem silly having a puzzle framed but when I think about it now it really has a very special meaning to it. Because looking at the puzzle now reminds me of the time when our family was together, but most importantly it symbolizes how one family put differences aside and worked together to build something. Those were happy times.