Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lighting Check

Lighting Check Phillips 18WDecided to change the light bulbs in my work and painting area. My eyes are overworked already having to look at the small parts of the model kit, I didn't want the low light to compound the problem further.

I remember before when I was applying for some personal insurance the agent asked me what I did for a living and she said that we could actually increase the coverage of the insurance plan to specific parts of the body so if in case an accident happens to it you can get a higher insurance money as well as medical coverage for that part. Of course we determined that at my job the body part that was most likely to get damaged were my eyes due to the constant exposure to the monitor screen of a computer. Ever since I became aware of that I had become more conscious of taking good care of my eyes.

Aside from making sure that I have always adequate lighting when I'm working, I always make sure to take a break when I'm doing work that requires me to focus my eyes too much. This is so that I can rest my eyes.

From a manufacturing perspective, I remember learning before that people tend to be more productive when they have better lighting in their work area. I guess this is because the workers are less tired without having to focus in bad light.

In a modelling perspective, one reason I wanted to change the lights already was because I always had painting errors with the paint not covering all the areas completely. After I had brought the dried up parts to the room for assembly I always ended up seeing some small areas with no paint on them. It was really irritating having to have to go back and re-paint the part.

So with that, let's please all take better care of ourselves and take the proper precautions while pursuing this great hobby of ours. Aside from the lighting, I also wear gloves and a particle respirator mask when painting.