Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hobby Search to Offer SAL Shipping in January 2010

Hobby Search posted in their site today that they will offer SAL shipping by January of next year in an effort to help reduce customer's shipping costs.

Hobby Search to Offer SAL Shipping in January 2010

Hobby Search also recently announced that they will start accepting payments via Paypal and along with it lift a ban on shipping to some countries that they've encountered credit card problems with. But they eventually backed out due to problems with their Paypal account.

I'm suspecting that its because they carry some materials in their inventory that is considered p*rnographic in nature that is against the terms of service of Paypal. I came to this conclusion because along with the announcement of the acceptance of paypal payments they also announced that they were discontinuing this type of content in their sales inventory.

With the recent announcement of online anime retailer Amiami that they were opening their shop to international buyers the market for anime and Japanese toy related merchandise just became more competitive. Online sellers before could get away with imposing EMS shipping and high prices that the overseas buyer would have no choice but to lap up in order to satiate their hunger for Japanese merchandise. But because of increased competition from the powerhouse online sellers (who catered only initially to the the local Japanese market), sellers now have to be more customer oriented and offer other services in order to stay afloat in this billion dollar industry.