Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Common Gundam and Bandai Model Kit Colors

Common Gundam and Bandai Model Kit ColorsI guess one benefit of having translated all these color guides from Japanese to English is that I started having a feel as to the common colors that are used to paint these model kits. I cross checked that with the Mr. Color series of paints by GSI Creos and made a list of the popular colors that you will most likely need a lot of in your paint inventory. That is of course if you are planning to color it with an air brush.

Here's a list of the most common colors that are often repeated in each model kit from Bandai. The Letter-Number code enclosed in parenthesis are its product reference no. for easier look up.

White (C1)
Black (C2)
Red (C3)
Yellow (C4)
Blue (C5)
Dull Grey (C11)
Neutral Grey (C13)
Navy Blue (C14)
Mahogany (C42)
Dark Iron (C28)
Sky Blue (C34)
Clear (C46)
Clear Red (C47)
Clear Yellow (C48)
Clear Orange (C49)
Yellow Orange (C58)
Pink (C63)
Indy Blue (C65)
Daytona Green (C66)
Purple (C67)
Monza Red (C68)
Midnight Blue (C71)
Medium Blue (C72)
Cyan?/Shine Red (C79)
Cobalt Blue (C80)
Tire Black (C137)
Clear Green (C138)
Fluorescent Yellow (C172)
Fluorescent Orange (C173)
Light Blue (C323)

I have to point out however that I'm working from memory here and I haven't really correlated it with the actual color guides. When making this list it was more of a "That sounds familiar" type of selection process. *snicker*