Monday, November 16, 2009

Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea

Scheduled for release this month is the Robot Spirits rendition of the Quadluun Rea of Klan Klan from the Macross Frontier Series. Its supposed to retail for 3360 yen but Amiami is selling theirs for only 2340 yen (shipping not included).

Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea

According to this blog post, they will start producing the whole Pixie squadron of SMS. This will compose of the Quadluun Rea's of Klan Klan, Nene and Lalamia. Klan Klan, being the leader of the squadron sports the fiery red color as a creators homage to Milia Fallyna-Jenius from the original Macross series. Nene and Lalamia's Quadluun come in grey colors. The Quadluun Rea in Macross Frontier is outwardly different from the original seen in the original Macross series because it sports a cannon on its shoulder.

Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea Pixie Squadron including Klan Klan, Nene and Lalamia

The toy comes with a pilot figure inside. To differentiate the 3 pilots from each other, one has but to look at their bust sizes. Seriously, that's what's written in the post.

Here's a picture of the Quadluun Rea back to back with Michael Braun's VF-25G, also rendered as a Robot Spirits that is scheduled to be released by December 5 of 2009. Michael Braun's VF-25G is a sniper variant of the VF-25 Messiah equipped with long range sniper rifle.

Quadluun rea back to back with VF-25G Messiah

One other gimmick that the toy has is shoulder missile pods that open and close.

Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea Shoulder Missiles

Here's some more pictures of the Quadluun Rea in action poses.

Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea Action poses

Of course if you find that the Robot Spirits Quadluun Rea is too small for your tastes, you can always get the Quadluun Rea of Milia Fallyna Jenius or Maximillian Jenius from Macross DYRL that is being made by Yamato toys.