Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Macross Frontier Movie this weekend

Was perusing the Official MacrossF blog and saw a post showing trains at the Yamanote Line having Macross Frontier Movie posters by their doors.

Macross Frontier Movie this weekend November 21, 2009

The much awaited Macross Frontier movie is scheduled to be shown this weekend, 21st of November. Its been a long wait for fans, almost a year already since the series ended. This movie however will just be a re-telling of the Macross Frontier Series that was shown in 2008 during the 25th Anniversary of the Macross Franchise.

Macross Frontier Movie this weekend

I'm much looking forward however to part two of this movie that is supposed to have a new storyline. I hope it picks up where the Macross Frontier series ended and that it won't be like the OVA's of the Macross 7 series. Wherein they really made no headway into the development of the plotline of the series. More like a useless side story from my vantage point.

The significance of the Yamanote line to Otaku's is that it leads to the Akihabara district. Which could unofficially be the mecca of all consumerism and Otaku culture in Japan. From the latest electronics, games, anime, toys etc, you can find it there in the cavernous shop alleys, which of course is the natural prey of the Otaku. So if you were out promoting an anime movie, these are the eyeballs you want to see these posters you've made.

I remember that this was one of the JR train lines that I wasn't afraid to lose track of the stations because it just runs on a circular loop. If you miss your station just wait for the train to come around again.