Monday, November 9, 2009

AmiAmi launches English site for Overseas customers

AmiAmi launches English site for overseas customersUpdate 11/11/2009 :Amiami just announced that they will start shipping packages via SAL on a trial basis. Hope its successful so that it will be a permanent service to customers.

On another note, I'm surprised at how quickly stuff is flying off their shelves. Stuff that was listed as for sale are being quickly switched to "back-order" status.

Update 11/10/2009 : Was hoping to purchase from them a Big Scale 1/60 Freedom Gundam so that I can post a review of their service. But upon inquiring I found out that the shipping cost to SE Asia will be 4000 3500 yen (email support updated their price estimate). Yikes, more expensive than the 3,669 yen (26 %off) price of the kit. I hope they start offering SAL shipping soon. The good news is that they replied to my inquiry within the day. They actually recommend that you ask first how much the shipping will be before committing your order.
AmiAmi launches English site for Overseas customers

Just read from Danny Choo's blog that Amiami finally launched an English language site that will cater to the very lucrative overseas customers. Which is great because Amiami could be considered as one of the top online hobby shops in Japan.

What makes Amiami very attractive is their price, its really lower than most Japanese online toy shops. I've noticed that the only time the other online shops get to match their prices is when they go on Sale. Looking at their product pages you can see that almost all their prices are knocked off, I think by as much as 25% even. Take the Pre-order price of the 1/72 VF-27 Lucifer, there its going for only 4030 yen.

Reading through their FAQ, it looks like EMS will be the only shipment method they will allow and that payment will only be by Paypal. The Paypal is a no biggie and I prefer to pay with that method, the shipment by EMS only however is a bummer. It would be great if they offered shipment by SAL.

EMS provides parcel tracking, hence the reason most online sellers prefer this method of shipping so that they have evidence that the item was shipped to you. But given that most online shops offer SAL shipping, I'm hoping that Amiami would follow this trend.

Am looking for a Gundam Master Grade kit at their site to buy so that I can write up a review for their service but so far the kits I like are long sold out (Freedom Gundam), on back order (Rick Dom) or not on the list (Char Aznable's Rick Dom)... blehhhh.... I'm hoping that this is just opening day missteps for them, wherein they haven't had enough time yet to load their inventory on to their site.

With the entry of Amiami to the overseas market, this will really change the marketplace. Hopefully it will benefit us sellers with lower prices and better service. I wouldn't want to be an online seller who is at the bottom of the food chain, their days of bad service and prices are definitely numbered.