Thursday, May 7, 2009

Macross VF-11C Armored Thunderbolt

 Macross vf-11 armored thunderbolt
Update: Ooops, my mistake again, this is actually a VF-11C and not a VF-11B that was seen in the Macross Plus series. Yamato toys just released a 1/60 version of the VF-11C. This retcons my statement below that Yamato Toys doesn't have a license to produce Macross 7 toys.

Update: Ok my mistake, the VF-11B Armored version actually came out first in Episode 26 of Macross 7 and was flown by Diamond Force's, Kinryuu and not in FOTSW.

Speaking of Armored Valkyrie's, I was watching Macross 7 Encore yesterday and saw this Armored version of a VF-11B being shot off a catapult ramp. It was shown in the episode Fleet of the Strongest Women (FOTSW). That was the time that the Macross 7 fleet was under attack by a rogue Meltrandi fleet led by an ace counterpart of Milia Fallyna Jenius.

vf-11 armored thunderbolt

This armored VF-11B was launched Gundam style, in Battloid mode. Guess it follows the previous GBP-1S Armored systems in the Macross series, wherein the VF has to be in Battloid mode and cannot transform to other modes while wearing this armor. This paradigm however was broken in the Macross Frontier series, with the VF-25 being able to transform modes when wearing the bulky armor.

Yamato Toys makes a 1/60 VF-11B from the Macross Plus series. But since they don't seem to have a license for the Macross 7 series, I doubt we'd be able to see this type of armor pack on the VF-11B that they sell.

Yamato Toys makes a 1/60 VF-11B