Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Macross 7 Lucky Charm cameo in Macross Frontier

While watching Macross 7 I noticed another homage from Macross Frontier to the Macross 7 Series. In episode 6 of Macross Frontier, Sheryl Nome gives protagonist Alto Saotome one half of her earrings to use as a lucky charm during their first battle with the Vajra. He hangs it in the windshield of his VF-25 Messiah.

Macross frontier homage to Macross 7

In Episode 24 of Macross 7, Mylene Jenius of the band Fire Bomber gives to Gamlin of Diamond Force her own lucky charm. This was to lift the spirits of Gamlin who was feeling depressed after being assigned a less active role in combat. He was placed under the command of her Mother, City 7 Mayor, Milia Jenius, and was assigned to stay behind to protect the city whenever they were under attack.

The keepsake, which was supposed to be rubbed, he hung also on the windshield of his VF-17 Nightmare.

Macross frontier homage to Macross 7

Macross frontier homage to Macross 7

sherly nome earring Macross Frontier