Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guld Goa Bowman Cameo

Not sure if my eyes are failing me, but did YF-21 test pilot, Guld Goa Bowman just make a cameo in Macross 7?

Macross Plus' Guld Bowman cameo in Macross 7

This is from a traffic altercation scene from Episode 19 of Macross 7, where the presence of protodevlin's Sivil on City 7 causes some people to act violently against each other.
Guld Bowman cameo in Macross 7

Of course in the timeline that would be impossible since he perished fighting the Ghost X9 controlled by Sharon Apple in Macross Plus OVA. He died by releasing the safety limiters off the YF-21 then crashing his ship into the X-9.

The creative folks behind Macross are known for installing homages to previous series in the current running series. Homages in the form of characters echoing actions from previous series or new characters having similar traits to previous characters. The current Macross series, Macross Frontier is so littered with it that it is a true test of a fans knowledge of the Macross Franchise. I guess the only sequel that never had any homages were the original series (Macross SDF-1) and the true sequel, Macross Plus.

Here's Guld Bowman in Macross Plus:
Guld Bowman in Macross Plus