The site Mech9.com initially started out as starcraftwars.com. Why starcraftwars? well for the greatest game ever made. While waiting for the game (starcraft2) to come out, I ended up writing about other stuff that interested me during my youth in order to fill the void. That’s when I re-introduced myself to the anime and mecha that I loved as a child.
While along this tack I finally got to find out after almost 23 years how the anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross ended. For 23 years I carried in me this sense of emptiness of not knowing how the story ended but after having watched it, it gave me the sense of completion similar to one accomplishing one’s ambition.
This event could be considered an awakening as it thrust me into this course of trying to find closure in all those other events in my youth that I never got to finish or accomplish as each chapter closed gave me the sense of completion or re-introduced me to the bliss that I felt during that time.
This blog may be more about mecha and anime but personally to me, its a ledger of me getting to know the youthful kid I once was and revisiting the stuff that gave me extreme joy during that time of innocence