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HG Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver) Construction Manual & Color Guide

From the Gundam Unicorn series comes the Zeta Plus released as a 1/144 High Grade model kit by Bandai. It’s modeled after the iconic Zeta Gundam from the anime series bearing the same name. I always loved the Z Gundam anime as it holds a special place in my heart, as it was my introduction to the Gundam Universe. Never looked back ever since.

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HG Neo Zeong Construction Manual & Color Guide

Massive is an understatement, Colossal would be more apt to describe the recently released 1/144 High Grade Neo Zeong by Bandai. The Neo Zeong was piloted by Full Frontal in the final episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA. Plotwise I couldn’t see the point in this massive behemoth for the story but as a mecha fan boy, who cares! Hahaha.

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HG Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt ver Construction Manual & Color Guide

Released last year by Bandai for the Thunderbolt manga line is the Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt ver. This particular model kit was released as a 1/144 High Grade. People who buy this kit will be surprised by the attention to detail given to the design and will marvel at the capability of Bandai to be able add that type of detail in the model kit. So goes for the other High Grade released Thunderbolt versions.

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Finally had the time on my plate so I spent it doing what I’ve always wanted to do with this site. Which was to organize the list of subsections for the Translated Color Guides and Manuals. Long time readers on this site know that the section is arranged according to the anime series that the model kits belong in. In my naivety when I was starting this database, I dumped all the Gundam related color guides in the MS Gundam Universal Century section. You can imagine what happened next.

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