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HG Build Burning Gundam Construction Manual & Color Guide

From Gundam Build Fighters Try comes the 1/144 High Grade Build Burning Gundam. In the anime series, the Building Burning Gundam is piloted by Sekai Kamiki. Gundam Build Fighters Try is a sequel to the Gundam Build Fighters anime series.

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MG M'Quve's Gouf Construction Manual & Color Guide

From Gundam Mobile Suit Variations comes the Gouf of Colonel M’Quve. This was released as a 1/100 Master Grade version from the Bandai Online Hobby Shop, so yes, it is an exclusive. Kinda regal don’t you think? It show cases the vanity of M’Quve with its gilded design. Of course, anybody who walks into a battlefield with the concept of camouflage far from his mind must be a really brave person or one who is very confident in his abilities or of the firepower he brings.

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MG Crossbone Gundam X2 Ver Ka Construction Manual & Color Guide

From Crossbone Gundam comes the 1/100 Master Grade Crossbone Gundam X2 released as a Bandai Shop exclusive. In the series the Crossbone Gundam X2 was piloted by Zabine Chareux. Don’t expect to find this in your friendly neighborhood Hobby Shop as this is an Online Exclusive.

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MG S-Gundam Booster Unit Type Construction Manual & Color Guide

Here’s an intersting variation of the S-Gundam released by the Bandai Online Hobby Shop. The S-Gundam Booster Unit Type Master Grade is a Master Grade variant of the S-Gundam but instead of legs you get boosters. I’m not too familiar with the Sentinel Gundam storyline but I do love the design of the S-Gundam.

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