SD Sengoku Astray Gundam Construction Manual & Color

Released this year by Bandai was the Super Deformed version of the Sengoku Astray Gundam from Gundam Build Fighters. Aside from this, Bandai also released a High Grade as well as a Master Grade version. Color Guide given for this is for painting by means of Gundam Markers hence the Gundam Marker number is also included. But of course that doesn’t mean that you should just stick to Gundam Markers to paint it.

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MG MS-06R-1A Zaku II Black Trinity v2.0 Construction Manual & Color Guide

From the original Mobile Suit Gundam is the version 2 Master Grade release of the Black Trinity’s Zaku II by Bandai in 2008. The Black Trinity are a group of Zeon Ace pilots who are known for their vaunted Jetstream Attack to overcome their enemies. The Zaku II was where they earned their reputation. I much prefer them in their Dom’s though.

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RE/100 MSN-04 II Nightingale Construction Manual & Color Guide

It’s finally here! The MSN-04 II Nightingale of Char Aznable from one of the Char’s Counterattack variant storylines. It was the first kit released by Bandai in their new RE/100 line of model kits. Was giddy when I heard of the news because the price point, for its size, is considered moderately acceptable.

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SD Wing Gundam : Endless Waltz Ver Construction Manual & Color Guide

Released in 2011 by Bandai as a Super Deformed kit is the Wing Gundam from Endless Waltz. Reading on the interwebs and by checking the traffic on this site I’ve learned that Wing Gundam has a special place in the heart of North American fans. Because Gundam Wing was aired there it became the series that initiated a lot of them into the Gundam Universe. Well for me it was Zeta Gundam, hence my first Gundam model kit was the Rick Dias.

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