HG Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver) Construction Manual & Color Guide

From the Gundam Unicorn series comes the Zeta Plus released as a 1/144 High Grade model kit by Bandai. It’s modeled after the iconic Zeta Gundam from the anime series bearing the same name. I always loved the Z Gundam anime as it holds a special place in my heart, as it was my introduction to the Gundam Universe. Never looked back ever since.

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HG Neo Zeong Construction Manual & Color Guide

Massive is an understatement, Colossal would be more apt to describe the recently released 1/144 High Grade Neo Zeong by Bandai. The Neo Zeong was piloted by Full Frontal in the final episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA. Plotwise I couldn’t see the point in this massive behemoth for the story but as a mecha fan boy, who cares! Hahaha.

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Yeah, so the X-wing from the new Star Wars series being shot in London kinda overshadows the message of Director J.J. Abrams promoting Starwars: Force for Change that will benefit UNICEF but it’s really an innovative way to get my attention to support a cause.

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I suddenly remembered why I hated Transformers: Dark of the Moon after watching Transformers: Age of Extinction a couple of weeks back. In my advancing age I guess am starting to become prone to forgetfulness already. I usually don’t like posting negative reviews on this site for not wanting to say anything bad about anything. But for Michael Bay’s Transformers series I will make an exception.

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